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Saturday, September 10, 2011


an old-fashioned style of stone setting reinterpreted in a modern way.  the designer is brilliant in her considerations of all angles beyond just the bird's eye view.

i love this ring, the way the rock is perched way high with over-sized clasps.  a DIF rock will be a complete waste here as there's not enough light coming from below to maximize the illumination.  nonetheless the design is a nice twist from tradition.  and the outcome is classy, timeless and decidedly modern.

an intentionally flattened 2-D design coupled with a 3-D pattern- all in a classic, vintage, chinese shape that looks "laser-cut".  interesting!

again, i love the way the pearl is boldly set perched up.  the colored "claws" add creepiness..

this can look seriously kitschy and tacky but it's not.  thanks to the deep tapering of the union jack (like a picnic blanket) and the wide chunky band like a man's ring.  the yellow gold with almost a green tint is a brilliant choice.

hands holding up a faceted plate diamond.  it is quite popular in hong kong, the plate diamond (usually without any facet).  since it's cut so thin and priority lies not in the 3C's, even a 5-carat plate diamond becomes almost affordable.  

i LOVE the baguette cut.  something charming about the way these skinny rocks are held (curving towards the band) and the extra clasps on the center emerald make for a nice retro look.  (sorry, your grandmother's hand-me-down is not quite the same).

i'm not usually a fan of colored gems.  but i like the wire-like structures holding up the flower petals.  the way the band is a coil of wire finishes the look.

what a house.

no centrality of main entrance (large door next to small); totally mis-matched windows (except two); animal skulls hovering over the front door (yikes!); street "crashing" straight into house..  all these are signs of bad fung shui.  yet the house oozes an inexplicable charm and a unique personality.  i like!

eerily beautiful

i'm obssessed with arielle de pinto's work.  her hand-crocheted metal chains are at once simplistic, sophisticated and strange.  her masks are the most provocative with a tribal flavor.  innocent enough for a child yet hauntingly mysterious upon closer scrutiny..


put together in the right way can create such sex appeal.  undergarment should never be plain and boring.  if you have the body or even just the guts, i highly recommend these.

captivating image

- is it a man or a woman?

look at me!

i find that red-n-blue eye on a well made up face incredibly enticing.  when i have the time, i'd love to try it out.  firstly, it shows creativity, originality and simply looks GOOD.  secondly, it'll be fun to see what kind of responses it elicits.  when i experiment, you'll be the first to know.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


is the title of karen walker's new collection.  

i love the pj pants in beautiful hues and printed silk under an easy tee.  all topped up with great heels and a leather clutch.  real casual & chic.  pretty perfect for me.

Monday, February 14, 2011

how do you celebrate valentine's?

with festive balloons from 99-cent store..
a tower of the finest chocolates from ciel chocolatier..
that opens up like a jewelry box (almost as good as receiving a cartier box)!

hope you feel extra special on this valentine's day.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

we celebrated behind the eiffel tower..

2011 is here.

remember all that Y2K paranoia?  well it is now a fact that we have survived a decade into it.

beyond feeling undeniably old, i am energized by the realization that time is slipping away like quicksand.  what better time than NOW to pursue the calling of our lives and what holds meaning in our hearts?

so i wish upon every one of us the sweetest blessings from above and the greatest strength from within to be the best that we can be.  follow our hearts and chase our dreams.  we only live once, so live it right.

or be forever gobbled up..

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


in 2005, chinese artist zhang huan appeared in his raw beef "muscle suit" in nyc.
and became lady gaga's inspiration?