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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

first pick

the title of this post might be a little misleading.  by "first pick", i refer to the pieces jotted down as i browsed through the web pages in two minutes, essentially picked at first impression.  why do i feel comfortable sharing this on the blog, you ask.  because as much as i believe life should be lived seriously, i often remind myself to be light.  so here's my "light" list of suggestions out of the net-a-porter sale (on accessories).  let me know if you like!

this piece caught my eye immediately.  love the polka dot tie.

margiela is margiela, even without margiela..

a more modern and edgy erickson beamon piece i've seen.

this piece is big and clunky, nice.

a substantial belt.

check out other images on the website.  this is a handsome belt on the right dress.

the vintage clasp makes the belt.

i'm not always crazy about judith lieber's designs.  but this piece can almost pass for a georg jensen, whose work i love.

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