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Thursday, November 18, 2010

1st street, little tokyo

little tokyo hasn't changed much since i first moved to LA in the early nineties.  some of the 24-hour restaurants are still intact.  there's a sense of nostalgia walking down 1st street.  i never cease to marvel at the brass/bronze inlays on the sidewalk.  the text is poetic, the isometric view of the crate with brass/bronze outline inlaid in the red terrazzo is bizarre and beautiful...  in the mini mall across the street, if you get lucky, you'll find this japanese cowboy performing pop/rock using all parts of his body on the strangest equipments assembled from everyday life.  he is quite an entertainer and will surely kick up some fun mocking you.  as you can see, he's been featured on jimmy kimmel live, etc.  and while you're in the neighborhood, go get in line for the best ramen in town - Daikokuya, literally translated as the Big, Black House.

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