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Friday, November 26, 2010

mission statement contradiction?

alot of friends have subscribed to 11 FEET and written to let me know how much they love it.  a couple of gals heeded my tip, rushed to RH and thanked me for the additional discounts on their big purchases of gifts and stocking stuffings.  my church friend was so inspired by the safety-pin necklace, she can't wait to start making her own.  when mk came by this morning, she said as much as she enjoys reading the posts, she's starting to wonder what a 10K purse (the egg) has to do with "everyday life".  that's true.  some of the pieces i blog about are beyond everyday reach.  however, it is from an awareness of their existence, an exposure to and understanding of the high art and style, that will inform and encourage us to draw inspiration from everyday life.  please accept my apology to be stubborn, but i am determined to expose you to the full spectrum - from the dirt-cheap to the ultra-decadent.  it is my hope that once you've trained your eyes and sharpened your discerning taste, you might find yourself shopping at 99-cent store just as enthusiastically as at bergdorf goodman!

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