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Saturday, November 27, 2010


besides being one of the best fashion photographers of our time, nick knight is a brilliant art promoter and businessman.  his founding of SHOWstudio to offer rare and bespoke artefacts created for iconic fashion shoots and catwalk shows allows the general public to participate and perhaps even own a piece of fashion history (if you can afford).  he also invites artists to hand-craft their creations in front of webcams in his Live Studio. it is his belief that "showing the entire creative process - from conception to completion - is beneficial for the artist, the audience and the art itself".  of course, the art itself will be for sale through his shop afterwards.

Kate, print by nick knight, 2006. 
15,000 british pounds.

Pleated Puke, mixed media by various artists, 2009.
15,000 british pounds

part of lady gaga's 2009/2010 tour, the fashion film, Puke on Gaga, features puking millie performing on lady gaga in a pleated white markdo mitanovski dress (above).

Black Tie, artefact by alister mackie, 2010, sold.
i am definitely making this for our son's collection of bow ties.

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