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Saturday, November 20, 2010

wu yong- useless

is the brand name chosen by this successful chinese designer.  her work is a definite nod to the japanese masters of the last generation - yohji yamamoto, issey miyake, rei kawakubo.  the emphasis is on creating a silhouette, developing a material, exploring an idea.  almost never is it on beautifying the body.  i was blessed to be born at a time when these masters' works were at their peak.  i fully embraced their mission and lived through periods of solid black and blue with yohji, earth tones and the beginning of pleating with miyake, and the intentional "uglification" of the body with rei kawakubo.  to me, that's fashion at a very high level.  it transcends the physical into the intellect.  it would be too easy and unchallenging to pursue good looks.   now that i'm older, however, i can see the necessity of doing so!  

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