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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Department Store - in new zealand

excerpted from "about" on their website.

"The Department Store is a modern take on the traditional department store experience. It's the brainchild of Karen Walker, Stephen Marr and Dan Gosling of Black Box. Their vision is to create a single environment where one can experience the very best from the world of design, beauty, fashion and interiors... Since opening in October 2009, The Department Store has been recognized the world over as a leading example of smart new retail thinking... Further to those accolades was the nomination of The Department Store as the one and only location for UK High Street fashion giants TopShop to open in New Zealand..."

hmmm.. i think someone's taking themselves a little too seriously. i've always liked designers from down under for precisely the opposite qualities.

i like karen walker's funky, unusual style. it is reflected in the retro, feminie parts of the store. some parts feel more hard and masculine while others almost too trendy. overall, the style of the department store seems to lack an overall theme and coherence. maybe that's intentional, or maybe not.

like the retro mannequins and romantic colors.

twist on gerrit rietveld's red and blue chair and side table.

like the pallet inspired display bases.

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