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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

oskar metsavaht

"My creative process begins with a scene, a history, a style, a concept that I create from something that I wished or lived.  From this point, I create the environment, the atmosphere, the looks and the attitudes.  In most cases, I have the concept of the campaign before the collection.  Maybe that's the reason I love doing the art shooting.  I create the atmosphere of the story and I make my own films, with which I can share the scene I imagined from the beginning of the process.  The pieces are drawn to be the figurine of my film.  And it is possible to "watch" in each detail of my collection.  I am only satisfied when proposed elements for each piece, the colors, the textures and the silhouettes start being used by the characters of the film I made."

i'm speechless.  images from his current collection (below) might as well be clipped from fellini's 8-1/2.


  1. its one thing to view an image a creation, it is another to actually wear that image. sci-fi meets future african tribal with a bit of encased catapillar. not really feeling it. although, i could use the goggles. again, i respect the vision and creative individuality. lets just say fellini was brilliant and leave it at that. kr

  2. i respect his strong point of departure and the way he fuses his interest in cinema into fashion design. i believe there's room for various philosophies of design out there. the mainstream super brands can continue to focus on making pieces that look good and will sell, while others can create to express a point of view. this designer is still young in his journey. i'm interested to see how he evolves over time. fellini tried various gigs before landing at film-making. and his greatness in film did not shine through until his personal breakdown then encountering jungian psychology.. in a similar fashion, i appreciate your strong comment! keep 'em coming for interesting dialogues!