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Sunday, December 5, 2010

treasure hunt

mk + i spent the morning at the flea market.  here are a few memorable pieces.

a stool crafted out of solid teak wood.  asking $150.

a skinny bench with nice joinery but not very stable.  asking $25.
cute stroller in the  back.

this stall of handmade jewelry is incredible.  the owner is the artist and he reminds me of beth orduna except that his work is more raw and bold.  if you can zoom into the photo, the piece with the chunky crystal dangling from the thick industrial chain on the left center of picture is my favorite.  he asked for $80 and i would have gotten it if not for the rust on the chain.  his work has soul and his aloofness is touching.

you can sense his artistry not only from the pieces he created, but the care he put into the display of his work.  

these boots rock!  thomas wylde, would you please plagiarize them for your next collection??


  1. chunky- noodle- good?
    For as cool as I think the necklace, I can't even begin to think of how this would look on you.
    This would break your neck let alone pull YOU down. Little thing that you are. Mind you I think it is very cool. Bet you were thinking "display" in house. Right there with you.
    guess who.