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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

dear santa

just making sure you don't get me the wrong presents like in previous years.  to simplify matters, i'm offering you two choices:

1.  necklace cum bracelet by van cleef & arpels

ingeniously zip up into a bracelet
"Van Cleef & Arpels first made jewelry based on the design of a Zip at the proposition of the Duchess of Windsor Simpson in the 1930's.  The latest iteration is the Diamond Zip and is made of white gold accentuated with diamonds.  The Diamond Zip can be worn as a necklace when opened and when closed can be worn as a bracelet."

2.  a 2-person ladder tree stand

one is a little pricey but a breeze to carry.  the other is cheap (single-seater only $18.40) but a monster to lug around.  so.. your choice between the two.  please don't come up with a third!

love, vanessa

ps.  heed my request and you'll enjoy extra-delicious homemade cookies filled with valrhona 75%!

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