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Sunday, December 19, 2010

x'mas decor

every year, we haul back an 8-9' douglas fir.  it breaks our wallet, kills our backs and diminishes yet another tree.  this year, inspired by the image of the ladder x'mas tree i posted previously, our 8-year old daughter and i spearheaded the project.  after a quick run to 99-cent store yesterday and a stop at target today, here's the outcome.  please give us a like, yikes, or cool.  (thanks for your prompt response, jillian is getting a big kick out of it!)

we started with a vintage wooden ladder and coiled 2 strings of lights around ($20 total).  then hang ornaments galore.  here's a close-up.  (nutcracker in the back, $12.99).
an extra strand of big bulbs ($12.99) renders a new look for our red acrobat's pole by the front door.

size matters!

a lovely gift from mk.

simplicity = beauty
by jillian.

baby poinsettias from 99-cent store dresses up our powder room.

5 baby poinsettias in the bread basket.

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